The Head of Square Enix’s Business Division 2, Hajime Tabata revealed that Final Fantasy XV met its business objective. Furthermore, he is indicating that the arrangement will proceed as planned with more sequels.

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Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Final Fantasy XVI & More

Recently, during the Game Developers Conference 2017 which was held in San Francisco, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata discussed the eventual fate of the Final Fantasy arrangement. He talked about the sequel, potentially, called Final Fantasy XVI and much more. This was reported by DualShockers, who attended the event.

While this won’t shock numerous, each time another Final Fantasy game is discharged, there are some who say that the arrangement is dead. Really, they weren’t so distant from reality this time around. Tabata-san clarified that Final Fantasy maker Hironobu Sakaguchi disclosed to him that his main goal was to make Final Fantasy an amazing game once more. With that, he implied that he ought to approach the venture trusting that it will continue to offer amazing game experiences. And that if the game didn’t turn out to be a success, there won’t be a new one.

Soon after Tabata-san was named Director of the game, he talked with the head of sales at Square Enix, and discovered that business figures for the game were very low. They were under five million around the world. Everybody let him know that moving far from the turn-based battle was considered incautious, and that the Final Fantasy brand was “lessened” and “in threat.”

That is the reason Tabata-san set a business objective a million units higher than the conjecture, at six million. He believed that setting a high objective would unite the group. It will be driving them to push through whatever deterrent was set in their direction.

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