This is partly what many people have been saying that western third party is NOT important to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo consumers have been brought up by Japanese developers who have challenged the conventional western mindset of how things in the world of gaming can be expanded. We’ve played The Witcher 3 and it feels so uninspired and dull (visuals are somewhat nice). It seems the only reason people “like” it is because it appeals to the western mindset that people out here think is superior.

final fantasy xv combat dlc
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Final Fantasy XV is better than The Witcher 3

You have a game like FFXV which is way more interesting in terms of vision. But it gets a lower score than Witcher 3 by Western media. And literally, you’ll have the same media give a game a better score, even if it’s technically bad. Because you can have uncensored sex in a game or some other foolish reason other than popularity. This is the mentality of the West that Nintendo fans don’t vibe with. And MOST of these types of games won’t make them buy them any more than they don’t already.

Japanese developers make amazing games whether it’s of a niche series and/or a big mainstream series, etc. Do we have a problem with Western developers and their games? No. Just that many of them are fun to play that do grab our attention. But some of them just don’t have an interest to us. Or have that replayability or longevity to keep it in the game. That’s how we feel.

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