Clearly, Final Fantasy XV could’ve utilized another couple of months of dev time. Here are our primary cons for the game.

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Final Fantasy XV is not flawless but it could’ve been

Some story components should’ve been more fleshed out. You practically need to watch Kingsglaive to try and comprehend what is happening in the game. We’d likewise suggest watching Brotherhood as it gives some backstory on the fundamental characters. It would’ve been decent to have some more backstory on some alternate characters as well. We’d get a kick out of the chance to see significantly more FMVs in light of the fact that the ones that are there are magnificent.

The Leviathan battle is truly lacking in accuracy (contrast it with the trailer). The Titan battle could utilize some work as well. Battles against enormous foes, as a rule, are less exact than the battles against littler ones.

Our primary issue with the game is that it’s just too simple. We truly like that the summons help you when you’re practically about to die. However, that infrequently occurs in a single playthrough. You have to continue getting hit or not recuperate deliberately to summon one in the long run. They should’ve made it all the more difficult particularly in light of the fact that there are only two difficulty settings this time around. Enchantment can be truly solid and we adore the spell making framework. In any case, you never expected to utilize it in light of the fact that the game wasn’t testing enough. Having a higher difficulty could’ve tackled a portion of the issues of the game.

Then again, it may have intensified a portion of the shortcomings like the uncertain battles against tall creatures. We additionally concur that the sickness impacts should’ve been taken care of distinctively to encourage using protecting accessory.

It would’ve been cool in the event that we could investigate a portion of alternate locales like Tenebrae, Insomnia, and Niflheim all the more transparently. There are a considerable measure of minor cons like the Justices Monsters V minigame not offering any difficulty. And the Chocobo medals being essentially pointless.

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