In a fairly recent Final Fantasy XV news interview, it got revealed that Luna and other FFXV females are being considered as DLC combat playable characters. This likely means extra story content and cutscenes with ff15 ladies will be a thing. All in all though, whatever happens with the battle system, this news along with online multiplayer coop mode and the omen trailer hype, is making the wait even harder for this game. Who would you choose as your main in Final Fantasy XV Combat DLC: Iris, Gentiana, Aranea, Luna or Cindy?

final fantasy xv combat dlc
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Final Fantasy XV Combat DLC – Female players will be playable

Aranea playable? Yes please. We think the choice of playing just Noctis was a creative choice for narrative purposes. He’s the only one who can warp strike and has mechanics exclusive to him. We believe that there was no malice intended when they decided to add character switch and co-op as DLC. It was in fact a fan service thing to add it due to popular demand. And we tend to see everything FF do through heart shaped glasses. But, as others are pointing out, we can’t see character switch being hard to actually add in at this point.

We think the main reason they don’t want us switching characters during the main game while they’re all together in a group is because they want the other characters to feel like they are not you. They want them to feel like they’re living breathing OTHER people in the group playing along. If we can just switch to them and control them whenever we want it kinda ruins the feeling that they’re actual buddies that are people with their own minds.

On the other hand, Luna in combat seems weird to us. In Kingsglaive, they made it seem like she could do absolutely nothing. But in the game, she is an Oracle with powers. And in the Omen trailer, she seems to be relatively capable of fighting (at least, based on a handful of seconds).

Let us know your thoughts on this Final Fantasy XV Combat DLC.


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