Final Fantasy XV is as of now a gainful game. Moreover, it earned back the original investment much sooner than many anticipated. That is on the day it propelled. Many have been theorizing on what number of copies Final Fantasy XV would need to offer with a specific end goal to equal the initial investment. Also, DualShockers asked only that to Director Hajime Tabata amid a current visit to the Business Division 2 development floor in Tokyo.

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Final Fantasy XV Broke Even with Development Costs on Day One

Tabata-san cleared up that Final Fantasy XV as of now has equaled the initial investment with its development costs. Besides, it did as such from the very first moment. This implies when it propelled on November 29th, the sales covered up the development costs immediately. Square Enix reported very quickly that the very first day shipments, including digital downloads, were more than five million copies. This denotes the speediest offering Final Fantasy game ever at its presentation. This implies those five million copies were sufficient to recover development costs. Regardless of the possibility that we don’t know by how much.

In January, we heard that the quantity of copies sold had reached to six million. So it’s good to accept that the title is currently doing solid in the monetary domain.

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