This recent piece of news is both a happy one and also brings about some disappointment. The sad side of this story is that Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will be replacing the extremely popular Final Fantasy Agito, which will be shut down this November.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will not only be focusing on PC gamers, but will reach out to the ever growing mobile gaming community. This announcement was made at the previously discussed Tokyo Game Show 2015, promising a release in Japan by spring of 2016. Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will be brought to us thanks to the cooperation of Square Enix and Perfect World Entertainment.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online screenshot

For those who are clueless about what Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is all about, let’s get a brief overview of the game. Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is set in the well-known Final Fantasy universe that merges two genres of gaming, turn-based strategy and hack ’n’ slash.  The original Final Fantasy games were mostly turn-based games, but nowadays Square Enix attempts to implement other play styles as well. Final Fantasy Type-0 Online has a certain steampunk feel that attracts a huge player base and is still very story driven, unlike many of the rushed, graphics oriented games. Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will focus on multiplayer modes and player interaction. Let’s hope the English version will not take long to come, after the Japanese release.


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