Final Fantasy IX, the best Final Fantasy game ever made (yes, that’s right), has now finally released on PC after all these years. Whether you’re experiencing its glory for the first time or revisiting an old classic, there’s no reason not to get the game into your Steam library. And now, you can do it for pretty cheap, too, thanks to a new coupon code over at Green Man Gaming.

Final Fantasy IX

For its release week, Final Fantasy IX has a 20% discount on both Steam and Green Man Gaming. This is already pretty neat, and knocks off the price from $21 to $16.79. But we need to go deeper and perform some Inception business here. If you enter the coupon code DEALZON20 while checking out over at Green Man Gaming, you will get an additional 20% off, bringing the price down to $13.44. That’s only about $3 more than half the original price, making it a pretty great deal at a total discount of 36 percent. This is the best discount you’re going to get for a while, so might as well jump on it.

Final Fantasy IX is only the latest in a series of ports Square Enix has released to bring the Final Fantasy series to PC in full form. So far, every mainline Final Fantasy game has been released on the PC, except Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII. While the status of the first two games is up in the air (they did get iOS and Android ports), it seems Final Fantasy X might be the next in line for porting. Final Fantasy XV, which is scheduled to release later this year on consoles has not been announced for the PC yet, but developer Hajime Tabata has expressed interest in doing a PC port for it.


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