Just when we thought we could settle down into a nice routine and focus on the release of World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 15, Nomura had to comment on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date. Granted he was asked directly about it by a Japanese magazine. But divulging so many details is what got us rustled in the first place.

final fantasy 7 remake release date
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date hinted by Nomura in interview

His previous comments made the game to be an action adventure game and not the original RPG style. 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the game and Nomura purposefully pointed that out in an interview to hint a possible Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date. He also pointed out that next year also represents the anniversary of Kingdom Hearts and that there are already plans in place to celebrate this milestone.

We also think his comments could point to a possible Kingdom Hearts 3 release. This is a game that was announced three year ago and if it doesn’t release soon we might as well kiss it goodbye. Getting back to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date, after pointing out the anniversary, Nomura made a rather pessimistic remark. He started talking about how he planned to do something for the 20th anniversary of the game but he was too busy with other productions. Also, he said he isn’t in a position to share any more details until things “calmed” down.

Things show no sign of “calming” down at Square Enix. There is a torrent of titles currently in development. So, Nomura’s comments could mean that even though the game may release next year, it might release at the very end of next year.

Let us know your thoughts about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates.


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