We’ve seen all the trailers, combat, character models, gameplay and the latest news from Tetsuya Nomura. It’s easy to tell how the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake will turn out. And there’s a huge chance that it will have a lot in common with the new Final Fantasy XV.

final fantasy 7 remake release date
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be similar to Final Fantasy XV

It’s not hard to imagine Final Fantasy 7 Remake play as an action RPG like Final Fantasy XV. Linking material system will make magics per character limited. This makes it easy to use D-Pad to quick select, as each weapon can only hold up to 4 links of 2. And the action material is probably going to be a character skill instead to make combat more fancy/fluid/quick/intense. And also make room for the character to save spaces for the casting magics. Or maybe they can do action-material slots on armors or something.

Maybe D-pad up/down/left/right for weapons, diagonals for 4 linking pairs of magics, and alt D-pads for 8 items, and triggers and right thumb buttons as alternate actions, and aims? Maybe joy buttons can be used for switching characters? Actually, come to think about it, the Final Fantasy XV battle system/mechanics are more suitable to the material system than the Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s high swapping, heavy tactic commanding, quick aiming, and enormous item (MagicalBombs) selecting/managing.

Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation platform. It was directed by Yoshinori Kitase, written by Kazushige Nojima and Kitase, and produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi.


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