Recently, there were some rumors floating around that Final Fantasy 15 PC would release any time soon. We now know that it is planned for the Xbox One and PS4 but not PC. However, it seems that PC isn’t completely off the table. Final Fantasy 15 would take a year to come to PC, according to Hajime Tabata.

final fantasy 15 pc
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Final Fantasy 15 PC would take a year to release

“Tabata-san clarified once more that there won’t be a PC version close to the console release. And only after the game will be out the team will investigate on a possible PC version while keeping in mind higher specs.

First of all, he mentioned that as development proceeds towards the finished game, performance will be improved as much as possible. In the Platinum Demo developers introduced dynamic resolution with 1080p as the upper limit.

The demo was not intended to showcase the game’s frame rate. As it was more aimed to let players experience the world. Verifying how dynamic resolution worked was also the first priority as opposed to frame rate.

Specs for the PS4 and Xbox One versions were the same for the demo in order not to have large differences between platforms. The game will be optimized as much as possible for each console, but it’s undecided for now if the final game will keep the same specs on both PS4 and Xbox One.”

The original interview was done with dengenkionline and translated by Dualshockers. You can read the rest of the interview there. So far, it doesn’t seem like we’d be getting a Final Fantasy 15 PC version soon. But there is still hope and, Tabata said he would keep higher spec PCs in mind, the game might be quite well optimized for the PC. And that will definitely take time. So, the delay is understandable.


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