Fifty Shades of Grey came in the form of a movie and then led the whole world fired up with its sensuality, aggressive love making scenes (in a good way), steamy dialogue and above all the intolerable chemistry which was evident in each and every scene of the movie. First part released in 2015 on valentines day and after a year, the movie is all set to comeback on the same date of the year 2017. The trailers are out and the overwhelming chemistry between the lead pair is quite satisfying further making us crib for its release.

fifty shades darker

Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey is the main meal of the movie, and the pressure of performance is already on his shoulders but that’s not it, before the release of the movie, the actor has started receiving fan emails asking about the third part. But the actor is trying really hard to get out of the sex zone and portray himself as a versatile actor, which we all agree to. He is currently off the hot Christian Grey persona and is shooting for his another movie titled as Untogether.

The movie is revolving around a drug addict girl, played by Jennifer Grey as Josie, struggle a life free of the poison and become a writer. Jamie is playing an already established writer in the movie. The movie has a somewhat different plot but lets not judge anything before any teaser or trailer release. Jamie, on the other hand, has started to feel a lot of pressure after tasting huge success gifted by Fifty Shades of Grey. What we have to see now is, that how Jamie establishes himself as a versatile actor, without the tag of Fifty Shades.