FIFA 17 Web App is finally out. However, before you start trading on the web app here are some things to keep in mind. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you shouldn’t do when trading on the FIFA 17 Web App.

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No panic selling in FIFA 17 Web App

Every single person is panic selling right now. They are panic selling decent cards that they can sell for a lot more if they wait a little. Don’t be so coin-hungry right now and wait till when your cards get a higher demand.

All the cards are going to be at their lowest right now

Everyone is opening their packs right now and trying to earn as much money as possible. We advised against panic-selling under the previous headline. However, if you see someone doing just that, there is no harm in taking advantage of it. Just make sure you don’t sell really good gold cards for a very low price at the moment.

Don’t sell big players quickly

We’re getting a headache after seeing how the FIFA 17 community is literally throwing away 90 pace players (or other high stats) for such a small amount. And all of that to make a quick buck. People set so ridiculously low starting price for major cards that it hurts our brains right now.

Don’t discard your cards

If you have a really crap card, don’t discard it. Go to My Club and get rid of them appropriately.

Don’t open new packs when you get more coins

When you get to more than 7,000 coins, you’ll be tempted to open new packs. You won’t get anything good out of it, so don’t bother. Save the packs for EA Access when you can earn the coins in a different way other than trading. Because in EA Access, you can get coins from playing games and other non-trading related stuff.

Let us know what you think of the FIFA 17 web app so far.


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