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It hasn’t been officially confirmed by EA but thanks to, we finally know that EA is launching a FIFA 17 Web App ahead of the game’s full release. The web app hasn’t been released yet. However, it is expected to release within a week before the official release of the complete FIFA 17 game. The web app will allow you to experience the game on your tablet, phone or even PC.

fifa 17 web app
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FIFA 17 Web App

There is no official EA response for the FIFA 17 Web App release. But following patterns from previous years and taking speculation through rumors and leaks into account, we expect the FIFA 17 Web App to release today itself, the 20th of September.

You cannot buy FIFA points on the web app at all. There will be no feature that lets you buy FIFA points when the app releases. What you have to do is go to FIFA 16 and load up the FIFA points in there. Make sure you buy the FIFA points on the account you are using.

After you buy the FIFA points on FIFA 16, wait for Origin Early Access to come out which is on 22nd of September. Note: Early Access is only for Xbox One users only. Basically, the FIFA 16 points transfer over to FIFA 17 early Access. And then, when you have your FIFA points in early access, you will have your FIFA points in the FIFA 17 web app.

Also, Team of The Week is expected to release right after the app launches. Give it a day or two. Therefore, to have the FIFA 17 Team of The Week, you need to have the web app. Since EA has already tweeted when Team of The Week is releasing (which is Wednesday), we know that FIFA 17 Web App will launch either the day before that or on that exact day.

Let us know what you think of the FIFA 17 Web App.

Update 1

FIFA 17 Web App is available right now but only for those who got early access to the game. You can redeem your access to the FIFA 17 Web App by going to their website and putting your security code for early access after logging in. We’re still not sure when even the early access players will get their hands on the app. However, we will update you when it becomes clear what level of access is available at the moment. Stay tuned as we get the updates.


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