In our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide, we’ll teach you how to get free coins at the start of your account. This is only for those who have just started their account and desperately need 500 or more coins. So, how are you going to get these coins? Well you can redeem coins by going to the EA Sports catalog or you can sell some of your cards. But we have a method that will let you get free coins without doing any of that.

fifa 17 ultimate team guide
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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide for free coins

First we’ll show how to redeem coins for those who don’t know already. From your FIFA 17 menu, go to customize. Then choose the catalog option. In the new menu, go to the ultimate team section. Keep going down and you will see an option called “Reward Boost”. Basically, it adds 200 coins after each match for the next 15 matches you play. If your level is really high, you can get the option that lets you get 1000 FUT coins after every match for the next 5 matches.

Although, EA has allowed you to stack your Coin Boost awards but we don’t recommend you do that because many players are complaining the game doesn’t recognize that you bought multiple coin boost awards and therefore doesn’t give you the stacking bonus which you should be getting. So, just use them one at a time.

Redeem more FUT coins quickly

You can use the rewards we mentioned to get coins pretty fast. To make this work, you need someone else with you. After you do find one with an FUT account and willing to go through the process with you, add them as a friend through your account. Go to Friendly Seasons. Get into a match with him. Set the match time to five minutes. Then, have your friend quit the match. Once you quit you’ll get some coins plus whatever coin boost you were using. Remember this is a two man process and it will give you coins guaranteed.

Let us know what you think of our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide. Check out our other guide to use the instant loyalty glitch.


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