Today’s FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Glitch article is about hidden secrets, glitches, and easter eggs in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. We will show 3 different type of easter eggs / glitches. First is related to the FIFA 17 pack opening animation that lets you know whether it’s a good pack or not. Next FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Glitch lets you get no loss and will boost your loyalty as well.

fifa 17 ultimate team glitch
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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Glitch – Pack opening animation

We already know there’s two to three different types of animations when you open a pack. One when there’s a really good player, one when there’s really bad one and one for literally the worst ones. However, we’re going to show you a little trick that lets you know what kind of cards to expect. Basically, the larger the flare is the better the card. You will easily be able to differentiate between the different types of flares.

Boost loyalty

We’ll show you how to get loyalty on your player instantly. If you notice your Ultimate Team setup, there will be players with a green shield. They will have more loyalty. Now, you will get this loyalty if the player was obtained from a pack or if you play ten or more games with it. So, let’s say you buy a player and put him on the field. You will see a white shield on his card which means he doesn’t have loyalty. Now, you can play 10 games (each 20 minutes) to get loyalty on him. However, there’s a secret glitch that lets you bypass all those hours of gameplay to get loyalty on a card instantly.

Go to Single-player. Then, challenge the team of the week on any difficulty. Make sure you have the player you want to get a loyalty on. Now, just dashboard the game as soon as it starts. Press start and quit. So, what this does is it adds a game to your player. Now, do this 10 more times and you will get Loyalty on your player. No need to play an entire game. Just quit the game as soon as it starts.

The Journey easter egg

Right in the starting cut scene , when Alex Hunter is a kid playing on the field, you will notice a Barcelona player on the football field. The player is blurred but a lot of people are claiming this could be Neymar or Messi.

Let us know what you think of our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Glitch.


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