Coins, coins and coins. We all love coins. But the kind of coins we love even more are the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team coins. Here we will discuss the main sources of coin drain in FUT. One is obviously player fitness. If you notice after a match, your player fitness will go down by 20%. So, you need to spend quite some coins just to keep your player fit. That’s nearly 40,000 coins spent on keeping the team in shape after every match.

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team tips for free hidden coins

Injuries are so annoying. They happen in every game. So, there’s two sources of coin drain that you need to compensate for. One way to do that is by selling the Manager cards. If you’ve been opening packs, you’ll notice a lot of these in your deck. You must be wondering, who buys them? Well, people actually do and they pay quite a price for it. The reason is that they boost your team attributes by quite a bit, especially a Gold Manager card. However, only the Gold Manager cards will do any good. The rest can be sold.

Then there are Club items that you can sell. You only need one of each of these: Kit, Badge, Ball and Stadium. So, if you have duplicates, just sell them. The stadiums sell for quite some amount, so if you have many of those then sell them.

You can also sell the Player Training cards. They sell for quite a bit as well. You can also exploit Squad Building Challenges. Check to see if you have the relevant cards and then put them up for sale because they will sell for quite an amount.

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