FIFA 17, as you are aware, is the first game in the series to use the very powerful Frostbite game engine. FIFA 17 brought with it several new features, including new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul and active intelligence system. In our previous report, we performed a round-up of the best FIFA 17 settings that will instantly help you increase your performance levels – settings like changing player indicator to player name, setting lob pass assistance to manual and more! In this post, we’ll talk about the best formation that’s sure to help your goals shoot up in no time!

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FIFA 17 best formation to score lots of goals

We understand that there are a lot many settings in FIFA 17. It’s quite frustrating to know which settings help you perform at your best. Add to that the dilemma of which formation works out to be the best. The game can become increasingly complex with all the variations and innumerable settings.


Just to help you through and get your performance levels soaring high, we bring you the best formation that will exponentially increase your chances of scoring goals. With this formation, you can score goals and score lots of them!

Here’s how you should proceed with your formation –

  • The best goal scorer should be in the middle. Players with good passing ability should be on the wings. This setup helps speedy wingers take on defenders.
  • Your three best attackers should be up top.
  • Support the formation with a playmaking CAM with a high work rate just below the middle striker.
  • Below the CAM, place two CDMS. This is to ensure that you wrest the ball away at the middlefield.
  • Set tactics to “Possession”
  • There are a few more settings that you need to do –
    • Both CDMs to Aggressive Interceptions
    • Right wing to Drift Wide/Get Behind
    • Middle strike to Stay Central/Get Behind
    • Left wing to Drift Wide/Get Behind

Additionally, you may want to keep the ball on the ground and work it through midfield whenever possible. Also, it’s good to keep a watch on the attackers and wait for them to go on a run. And most important of all, use conservative passes and turn over the ball as little as possible.

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