FIFA 17 Journey is a separate single-player mode added for the first time in the series. Players step into the shoes of Alex Hunter. He’s the grandson of the English football legend. Alex wishes to follow into his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and become a legendary player like them. However, the journey won’t be easy as he will have to face several obstacles on and off the pitch. Here are 5 hidden details in FIFA 17 Journey that you probably didn’t know about.

fifa 17 journey
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The personality of Alex Hunter influences his relationship with the fans and manager. Fiery will gain extra fans but you will lose favor with the manager. Balanced personality means Alex will influence the fans and manager primarily based on how he performs on the pitch. Cool will gain approval from the manager but will attract lesser fans.

Speed Glitch

There’s actually a speed glitch in FIFA 17 Journey. This glitch lets you get to maximum speed after performing one dribble. Normally, it takes about three to four dribbles to get to max speed. However, if you attack the space with a knock on, it will give you max speed instantly. Just press RT/ R2 and fake shot at the same time and then knock it forward in the direction you want to go. Since FIFA 17 Journey is based around one single player, you can use this on Alex Hunter and make him score goals continuously.

What if you fail the exit trial?

Basically, the coach comes and tells you to leave since you’re cut off from the team. The game then asks you to load a previous save and try again. So, make sure you are saving your game all the way through.

Alex Hunter’s Ultimate Team Card

There is an actual Ultimate Team Card for Alex Hunter in the game. We don’t yet know how to unlock it but we think it has to do with completing challenges. Or you just get the card after completing The Journey.

FIFA 17 Journey ending is well…. (Spoilers!)

At the moment, EA has only released the early access ending of The Journey. It has multiple endings. So far, we unlocked only one. It’s a sad ending basically. Alex Hunter under-performs and is traded over to a lower tier club.

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