Remember the FIFA 17 corner glitch which guaranteed that you score a goal 99.9% of the time? The bizarre corner glitch allowed players to score a goal with an amazing success rate. Well, FIFA 17 has had its fair share of glitches so far. While most of these have been fixed, few glitches continue to remain. YouTuber named Ovvy has posted a video about how one of these glitches can be used to score with penalty kick 100% of the time.

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Sure Shot Way Of Scoring With Penalty Kick

To ensure that you score with penalty kick 100% of the time, just follow these simple steps –

1. Aim on either to the right or to the left such that the change in direction is extremely small. This can be achieved by aiming in the most minimal way possible.

2. Choose shot power button around 1.5 power bars.

Charging the shot power to 1.5 power bars ensures that the defender will not reach the ball. Also, when you execute this shot, the defender can only attempt to guard your shot in 3 ways and left and right direction. If the defender does block the shot on either the lower left or lower right of the goal post, the way you executed the shot ensures that the ball will bounce back directly to you. This in turn opens up another opportunity for an easy shot to the goal.

The same strategy should hold good in the middle parts on either direction. Just ensure you don’t have overpowered movement. The ball should not bounce too strong nor should it miss the goal post altogether. When you choose 1.5 power bars, it basically ensures that you get the ball straight back to you should the defender successfully guard the goal post. Once it’s back, you can easily give another shot at the goal post.

Watch the video below to become a pro at using the FIFA glitch that lets you score with penalty kick 100% of the time –



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