EA Sports is gearing up for Team of the Season this year, in which they highlight “the players that have made the greatest impact for their respective clubs in league play across Europe and other parts of the world.” A number of Team of the Season squads will be released into FIFA 16 over the next several weeks, consisting of just those highlighted players.


The players will also get special blue-coloured, in-form items and the program itself will see a number of new events to check out. Over 15 Team of the Season squads will be released, starting April 29th. Throughout this, EA will also be revealing a number of new packs, each geared to help players of the game find players to fill up their squad.

And of course, there will be in-game tournaments over the course of Team of the Season. There will be both new tournaments available, as well as cool rewards based on the number of Team of the Season tournaments you win. This means that the more you win, the bigger your rewards will be.

Are you excited for the Team of the Season squads to be revealed? Let us know in the comments below.


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