“Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 latest teaser is out. The spoilers for the upcoming season suggest that Travis will finally drop his moral compass and embrace nihilism. Check out other details regarding release date and more!

According to Den of Geek, “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 will return on June 4. According to the stars, this season is going to be one of the most action-packed seasons ever. Cliff Curtis, who portrays the character of Travis Manawa in the show, recently said that the pace of the show is definitely up a notch.

Curtis stated that everyone is attuned to the apocalypse and hence now the whole group is ready to take the action in “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3.

Travis To Throw Away Moral Garb

The main highlight of the upcoming season will be the transformation in the character of Travis. According to TV Guide, Travis will finally drop his moral compass which he tried to hold on to desperately even during bad times.

Travis tried to keep his character good for long but it did not help his survival nor could he save his son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). And now it is the time that he completely surrenders to nihilism.

Curtis said that it has been a very controlled and long journey for Travis and it has been difficult for him to throw away morality and get along with the killing.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

Luciana’s Faith Breaks In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 3

Elsewhere, Luciana (Danay Garcia), the girlfriend of Nick (Frank Dillane) is trapped at a tough spot along with few other La Colonia surviving members. Luciana always believed that the dead are sent by God for testing and ultimately the earth will be inherited by the survivors. However, her faith is broken when she finds out that Alejandro (Paul Calderon) has lied about surviving a walker bite.

Now Luciana has only Nick to hold on to. “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 will return on Sunday at 9/8c.


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