The most anticipated reality series, Fear Factor MTV Reboot, recently premiered on the network with a new host cum executive producer, rapper Ludacris. The reality show that started in 2001, challenges contestants to conquer their fears.

The first episode of Fear Factor MTV Reboot has seen teams of siblings competing against other teams. They had to undergo challenging and scary situations to win $50,000. The premiere episode was titled as “Ice is thicker than water.”

The premiere episode has seen the contestants battling out their fear of cockroaches in Roachella. And were taken for a trip to the morgue, reported MTV.

This breath-taking reality show will air every Tuesday on MTV Network at 10 PM. Read to know five reasons why viewers should not miss watching Fear Factor.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Fear Factor
  1. There Is Ludacris Element

Rapper Ludacris says that there is a lot of homework done on the contestants to find out their worst fears. In this way, the show makers are catering to the worst fears of the contestants. He also adds that there is a Ludacris element. “…Where I feel like I get even more personable with the audience,” reported TV Guide.

  1. Exciting Challenges Where Contestants Are 100 Feet Up In Air

Talking about his favorite challenge, Ludacris says that, “My favorite challenge so far is probably one where these contestants are 100 feet up in the air.”

He continues, “…but there’s like a teeter totter and they have to balance their weight in order to not fall and grab these flags up underneath this platform,” as per aforementioned source.

  1. Safety Comes First

Despite knowing that Fear Factor is a show where contestants are asked to face their fears, their safety is the top priority for them. Hence fans may not worry about the life of the contestants.

Ludacris says, “Yeah, safety comes first especially with the reboot.” He also adds, “But safety is key and number one,” as per the aforementioned source.

  1. Fear Factor MTV Reboot Premiere Is Highest Rated

After the premiere of Fear Factor, it has been revealed that it is the network’s highest-rated series premiere in two years among Adults 18-34, delivering a 0.83 rating in the key demo, up 164% vs. its time period average, reported Deadline.

  1. Attractive Winners’ Prize

As mentioned earlier, the winners of Fear Factor this time have the chance to win $50,000 per episode. This makes it even more attractive to watch!


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