In a turn of events that would surprise most ardent followers of computer hardware, AMD has come up with processors with APUs that are much faster – with the Carrizo APUs being wiped away and replaced by Bristol Ridge APUs soon. The tech blog “The new Citavia blog“, run by @dresdenboy, leaked a handful of images of SKUs from AMD’s new Bristol Ridge series.


It is clear that the company is dealing with an all-new model of clocks because of the jump in model numbers by at least a  thousand. Based on different wattages, the numbers increase further by at least 30. A jump that drastic can only mean that there is a different line of clocks coming in.

The Bristol Ridge clocks are expected to have speeds of up to 3.6 GHz with the base model and, once boosted, to have speeds of over 4.2 GHz. The most important factor in the change from Carrizo to Bristol Ridge is power management. Given the shift in PC platforms from desktops to laptop and tablet computers, the power consumption of a processor is of supreme importance. Therefore, AMD has come up with 28 mm processors with ultra-low-power-consumption assembly such that they consume the least amount of power possible.

The Bristol Ridge units are set to hit the shops in the next six months, and although there isn’t any immediate availability of boards that support this advanced technology, tech experts expect that by the time it is released, there will be multiple motherboard options available to users.


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