Far Cry Primal is out now, and the world of Oros is free for you to explore. But be careful: dangers lurk everywhere when it comes to this stone age valley. In this guide, we’ve assembled some of the best tips that might help you come out on top and become the apex predator of the Mesolithic era.

far cry primal

Beginner Advice

Explore Carefully: Far Cry is all about exploration, no question about it, and Far Cry Primal is no different. Knowing where to explore, though, is crucial to survival as you start out the game. Venture too far into Cave Lion territory, and you risk making Takkar meat for a cat. Instead, stick to the area around Takkar’s Cave and the Wenja village. Be sure to unlock Campfires, so that you’ll respawn nearby if you die.

Gather ALL the Things: You’ll need to grind and gather flint and animal hide to make spears, so be sure to gather as much stuff as you can. It might get tedious, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Later, it’ll help you out when you need to upgrade your huts as well.

Clear Outposts: It’s a Ubisoft game, and that means there’s outposts to conquer. Clearing outposts and having bonfires gives you the benefit of fast travel, so you won’t have trudge around all of Oros on your caveman feet.

Tame Animals: Complete the Vision of Beasts mission, which lets you tame your first White Wolf, and you can start taming beasts. Get your tame game on, because later taming skills require you to have a certain number of animals tamed beforehand. Just make sure you have plenty of bait.

In the next page of this guide, we examine how to tame animals in Far Cry Primal.


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