Far Cry Primal may be just a day old but the first patch for the game is already arrived. And it brings a new game mode, among other things. Expert mode is basically just another name for hardcore mode; it will bring tougher enemies, it halves the player health and many other things. Aside from enabling players to experience even greater frustration when a mad mammoth runs them over, the patch is also bringing various other tweaks and bug fixes. Its size is 564 MB on PS4, and 561 MB on Xbox One. Bellow you’ll find a list including all changes and fixes.


Expert Mode Changes:

  • Players’ health has been halved compared to Hard difficulty.
  • Reduced players aim assist.
  • AI shoots faster by 1/3
  • Enemies in combat are not shown on mini map by default (they appear only if they are tagged).
  • It takes the AI a longer time to “forget” you when you hide
  • The aim assist box is reduced for several weapon types (bow, club, spear)
  • The player damage is reduced


Other Fixes:

Stability & Performance

  •     Optimization and stability have been improved
  •     Improved lighting

 Weapons & HUD

  •     Improved reticle display

Wildlife & AI

  •     Improved beast companion behavior
  •     Fixed rare animation issues
  •     Improved visual of the mammoth when it destroys objects
  •     Improved animal fighting behavior when triggering a fight

Design & progression

  •     Tweaked and balanced XP rewards
  •     Tweaked the damage ratio of certain recipes
  •     Improved overall balancing


  •     Improved animations of weapons on fire
  •     Fixed issues with lit weapons during cinematics at night
  •     Improved player navigation and small collision issues
  •     Improved camera transition and minor collision issues on cinematics


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