Strangely, the answer is a thundering PROBABLY. This probably will shake the mountains and rattle the heavens. You will tell your grandchildren of this probably. This is the probably heard ’round the world. Fallout 5, y’all.

fallout 4 patch 1.8
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Is Fallout 5 already in development?

According to game guide, Fallout 5 is in the development and will make a lot of improvements over Fallout 4. It’s no secret that the engine is becoming outdated. It’s going to take them time to update it so it can be used for Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5. So, it kind of makes sense that they are doing this. On the other hand, maybe this is Obsidians follow up to New Vegas? Because that would be awesome.

However, Obsidian said that they are not working on games that are based in pre-existing series. Sadly, we will never see another fallout game from them unless they change their mind. They lost tons of money on new vegas and another game they were working on at the time. The engine for fallout isn’t that old either. Fallout 4 runs on a very updating version of the Skyrim engine, which is fairly new.

Bethesda doesn’t like to work on multiple projects at the same time. They prefer to have the vast majority of their people work on the same project. The only split project thing we can see them doing is having their Maryland studio working on PC games and their Montreal studio working on Mobile. So, split groups within the company working on both Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5 seems impossible.

There is no official ending to any of the multi-ending fallout games accept the institute being destroyed in FO4, and in New Vegas the Wild Card, Mr. House, NCR, or Legion endings were never canon because it defined what happened. The only real part that is canon is the Battle of Hoover Dam happening. In our opinion, there shouldn’t be a sequel to any of the multi-ending fallout games because if there was it would make all the people, who chose the other endings, feel like what they did in their ending didn’t really matter and the whole point of the multiple endings is to make you think what you did affect the Mojave.


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