When we talk about digital sales numbers, there is not much to discuss because we still don’t know the exact numbers and can’t really compare them with the physical sales numbers. There are no exact reports regarding digital sales and we are left only with guesses or periodical sales reports that don’t include precise sales numbers.

Fallout 4

But it is known that digital sales are on the rise for a couple of years already, and another proof that they are getting more popular is a report regarding Todd Howard’s interview with Game Informer. In the interview, Bethesda’s producer said that Fallout 4 had sold more on day one through digital channels that through physical ones.

If we take in account info about Fallout 4 shipping numbers (12 million units, both digital and physical) we come to a conclusion that shopping for games is becoming more digitally oriented, and that it will become a dominant trend on consoles after Steam success made it the biggest channel for buying games on PC. And we hope that video game prices will fall because when offering game digitally, there are no manufacturing, packing, and shipping costs involved. Oh, well.

While talking about Fallut 4, Howard also mentioned what is in works at Bethesda right now. He said:

We’ve always kind of overlapped stuff, but I guess we’re doing more now than we ever have. [The projects] aren’t all the same scale, but they are longer term. We’re also doing DLC, and Fallout Shelter, creation kit, and mod stuff, updating the game – we’ve got a lot going on. We got to the point with the studio in Montreal where we can start expanding. We thought that ‘Hey, these are things we talked about doing, so why not, let’s start.’”