Sometimes it could be difficult to figure out where you should put your perk points in when you level up in Fallout 4. For the most part, Bethesda balanced most of the perks pretty well. However, there are some fairly bad perks in Fallout 4 that we would recommend most players avoid for their build. Some of the perks we list here may appear controversial for many players but this is our opinion but don’t take our word as the absolute.

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Fallout 4 perks to avoid at all cost

Iron Fist. When it comes to functionality, it’s not so bad. The ability to boost your unarmed attack is really nice. Perk itself is fine but it feels a bit crippled due to the melee weapons themselves. Since melee weapons can only be used outside power armor, so that means you can’t have the fun and convenience of beating your enemy to submission and death while in the safety of your suit.

Hacker. It isn’t god-awful but it’s especially not amazing either. Generally, terminals appear 70% less than locks. Combine that with the fact that more than 90% of terminals are used to activate robots rather than unlock safes. So, when it comes to unlocking, you are better off with the Locksmith perk.

Night Person. This perk boosts your Intelligence between 6 pm to 6 am. Overall, the bonuses aren’t bad but it ultimately becomes useless because it can only be used at night. So, all you’re getting is slightly better experience gains at night which doesn’t appeal that much to most players.

Cannibalism. Most companions in Fallout 4 really dislike this perk. Key companions like Nick, Piper and Preston hate cannibalism. Also, you can’t use this perk while wearing Power Armor.

Animal Friend. This perk is fairly redundant mainly when you consider that you also have the Wasteland Whisper perk to consider. The only difference between the two is that Animal Friend will allow you to pacify Dogs and Rads while Wasteland Whisper perk extends to far more animals.


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