Our Fallout 4 Nuka World Weapons Guide will tell you the location of the Thirst Zapper. We will also tell you the location of all its upgrades. If you’ve watched a lot of the promotional videos for Nuka World, you’ll recall this weapon in the hands of the Nuka World girl when she poses with it. This is a very powerful gun that uses a new ammo type. This new ammo type is called the Weaponized Nuka Cola. When fully upgraded, the Thirst Zapper can become quite powerful. The weapon has the best ammo efficiency than any other weapon in Fallout 4. This is especially useful when you are playing the game at the Survival Mode difficulty.

fallout 4 nuka world weapons guide
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Fallout 4 Nuka World Weapons Guide: Location of Thirst Zapper

You can find the weapon right in the beginning of the Nuka World DLC. If you accidentally sell the weapon because you were unaware of its sheer power, you can find the weapon again in the Nuka Cade.

In the first quest when you get to the Nuka World, after you complete the gauntlet, you will see a guy named Gage in a Power Suit armor. Talk to Gage via the Intercom and he’ll let you pass the door. Once inside the room, you’ll find a number of lockers filled with various types of weapons. One of those weapons will be the Thirst Zapper. You will then use the gun to lower the electricity shield on him so that he becomes vulnerable to your actual weapons. After defeating Overboss Colter you can spike your gun with some Nuka Cola upgrades to make it really powerful.

fallout 4 nuka world weapons guide
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Location of the upgrade for the gun

The gun has also the coolest reloading animation we have ever seen. After firing a shot you pour some Nuka Cola into it and fire again for a concentrated but deadly explosion. Here is how you can upgrade the Thirst Zapper for such powerful effects.

fallout 4 nuka world weapons guide
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1. Finish the quest Power Play and restore power to the Nuka World (Start doing quests for Shank if you haven’t done so already, you will eventually end up restoring power to the Nuka World amusement park)

2. Head down to the World of Refreshment.

3. We recommend going through the back or side entrances.

4. Go downstairs to a room with a large generator in the middle.

5. To the right of this generator, there is a door with a terminal beside it (this terminal wouldn’t work until you turn on power to Nuka World).

6. In the room is an elevator, take the elevator down.

7. Head all the way to the bottom of the new underground secret area until you reach the radiation room.

8. There should be double doors leading to a test area (a large test area sign is on the floor).

9. On the table in there you will find the Project Cobalt schematics and some Nuka Cola related weapons (grenades etc.). There is also a Thirst Zapper there if you don’t have one already.

10. Now just upgrade your Thirst Zapper using the schematics and load up the gun with cherry or quantum Nuka cola for different effects. The gun is absolutely devastating against Deathclaws.

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