There’s a new Fallout 4 mod out in the wild that lets you send your companions right straight home, even if they’re not drunk and losing it. It’s titled (believe it or not), Companions Go Home and is available at Nexus Mods. Of course, the mod isn’t entirely necessary for you to send them home, as this can be done in the vanilla game as well, only in a very unintuitive fashion.


In vanilla Fallout 4, if you want to send your companions back to their original homes (such as Valentine’s Detective Agency for Nick Valentine), you have to dismiss your companion, and when asked where to send them, hit Cancel. Of course, this is completely unintuitive, and most players likely missed it entirely. Not to mention this might not always come to mind when you’re dismissing your companions.

Thanks to the mod, you can now explicitly send your companions to their original homes, making the game feel less weird, such as by forcing Piper to work in Sanctuary Hills while she missed her child sister. The mod author wishes that Bethesda would patch this in to Fallout 4, and so do we: this should really be standard functionality.

Are you going to install this mod? Who’s your favourite companion in Fallout 4?


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