As we reported last week, Fallout 4 is set to get its first round of DLC soon, and that DLC has finally been revealed on the Bethesda Blog. The first series of add-ons for the game will be made available from March to May, and features robots, cages, synths and more.


The first add-on, titled Automatron, will be available this March for $10 USD, and features a mysterious “Mechanist”, who has let loose a horde of evil robots on the Commonwealth. Naturally, it’s up to you to stop this madness, and in the process, build your own robots by mixing and matching hundreds of mods. These mods include limbs, armour, abilities and weapons, and you can even apparently choose your robots’ voice. This one has me excited, to be honest. Building your own robot companion to explore the Commonwealth with? Sounds swell.

The second add-on, coming in April, is titled Wasteland Workshop, and is priced at $5. In this add-on, you can design and set cages to capture live creatures. The screenshot above shows you an example (yes, you really can capture Deathclaws). Also get a whole bunch of new decorative options for your settlements, such as taxidermy, nixie tube lighting and more.

Finally, the third add-on, and this is a big one, is titled Far Harbor and is priced at $25. In this relatively substantial add-on, you take on a case at Valentine’s Detective Agency that takes you off in search of a young woman, and leads you to a secret colony of synths. Featuring the biggest landmass Bethesda has ever created for an add-on, Far Harbor will see a growing conflict between synths, The Children of Atom and the local townspeople.

All DLC can be purchased individually at the prices listed above, or, if you’ve got the season pass, you’ll get all DLC automatically, at no extra charge.

Which add-on has you the most excited out of all these?


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