“Fairy Tail” Chapter 544 titled “You’re the King” indicates that one of the characters will be declared the king of Earth-land. Right now Natsu is leading the crew of Dragon slayers and hence there is a strong possibility that he may become the king. Check out other details!

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 544 will be the second to the last chapter of the series. Fans are wondering how the creator of the masterpiece Hiro Mashima will wrap up the whole story, especially the climax. The previous chapter focused on the epic battle between the Dragon Slayers and Acnologia as Lucy was trying her best to activate fairy sphere.

‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 544 May Reveal Natsu As King

The fierce battle will continue in the upcoming chapter and the title itself suggests that it will also reveal the king of Earth-land, reports Christian Today. Until the previous episode, the evil dragon was seen giving a hard time to the seven dragon slayers and Natsu. The strength of the Black dragon is increasing with every fight and it is getting difficult for the slayers and Natsu to defeat Acnologia.

Fairy Tail Chapter 544
Fairy Tail

Speculations indicate that things might undergo a shift in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 544 as the slayers will be able to track some weakness in the armor of Acnologia.

Natsu May Summon Seven Flame Dragon Power

There is a strong possibility that Natsu will have to rise to the occasion and find a way to restrict the dragon king. He may summon the seven flame dragon power to control the growing strength of Acnologia as his physical body is torturing Juvia, Gray, and group. According to Blasting News, Wendy attached her magic powers and that of the other dragon slayer to Natsu using Enchantment magic.

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It will make Natsu more powerful and he will possibly hit the finishing blow against the evil dragon. The source says that the “Fairy Tail” Chapter 544 and the concluding chapter will lead to a happy ending for the mages as well as the Fairy Tail Guild. The upcoming chapter is expected to release on July 19.