“Fairy Tail” Chapter 543 will yet again focus on the battle between Dragon Slayers, Mages against Acnologia. The whole team of Slayers and Mages is quite aware that the Dragon King’s only weakness is motion sickness. Will they use it to defeat Acnologia? Check out in detail!

The previous chapter showed that Acnologia continued to score over the Slayers and Magnolia. With only three chapters remaining, it is high time now that the favor should tilt towards the good guys in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 543.

Dragon Slayers And Mages Struggling Against Acnologia

The previous chapter titled, “The Magic Hope,” showed that Lucy finally gets her hands on the spell book called the Fairy Sphere, says The Christian Post. The rest of the team meanwhile finds out ships that can be used against the evil dragon. However, the Fairy Tail guild and allies are shocked when Acnologia manages to retaliate very fast and destroys the entire ships in sight.

Thus, the joy of the allies and Slayers of finding the book is short-lived. Inside the Ravines of Time, the battle intensifies as the Dragon Slayers are finding it difficult to even get near the soul of Acnologia. The Dragon King succeeds in proving that he is much stronger than before and the Slayers and their allies cannot match him.

Fairy Tail Chapter 543
Fairy Tail

Natsu and his team are however determined to bring Acnologia down as they want to see their friends alive. But since Dragon King is immune to magic it is going to be difficult to bring him down.

Slayers And Mages To Focus on Acnologia’s Motion Sickness in ‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 543

According to the source, the upcoming chapter may show that the Fairy Tail guild is making more progress towards defeating the evil dragon. In the “Fairy Tail” Chapter 543, the Mages and Slayers are expected to target the only weakness of Dragon King – motion sickness.

There are no ships left and Lucy is yet to get support from others in activating the Fairy Sphere. Moreover, the Slayers are not even sure whether it will work or not. Hence, the Fairy Tail guild and allies will have to think of something else that will most possibly restrain Acnologia’s attack.

There is a strong possibility that Mages will find out something to trigger off the motion sickness of Dragon King in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 543 which may tilt the situation in favor of Natsu and his crew. The chapter 543 will release in Japan on July 12, 2017.


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