“Fairy Tail” Chapter 542 will definitely be an action-packed one as the Dragon Slayers continue their struggle against the Evil Dragon, Aconologia inside the Ravines of Time. However, even the best and combined efforts of the Slayers’ are not working against the Black Dragon who is too arrogant and powerful. Check out more!

Back in Magnolia, the Fairy Tail guild is trying hard to come up with a solution that can help the Dragon Slayers restrict the Dragon King. And it has become highly important as Acnologia is rapidly heading the town with the aim to destroy it.

Lucy To Find Solution To Kill Acnologia In ‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 542

Everyone in the Fairy Tail guild has almost lost hope of saving Magnolia from the Dragon King. But Lucy is still hopeful and tries to come up with a solution that can help exploit the Dragon Slayer side of Acnologia’s personality, reports The Christian Post.

The solution will also exploit the motion sickness of the giant dragon and will help everyone to bring him down. In the upcoming “Fairy Tail” Chapter 542 titled “Instinct” it will be interesting to watch whether the plan of Lucy to utilize the Fairy Sphere in bringing down Acnologia succeeds or not. Also, fans are eager to know how the Dragon Slayers will control the Evil Dragon when his soul is inside the Ravines of Time.

Fairy Tail Chapter 542
Fairy Tail Chapter 542

The Fairy Sphere is not a destructive but a defensive magic and Lucy is planning to use it to trap Acnologia for eternity as it is not possible to destroy him, says iTechPost. Speculations indicate that there is a strong possibility that the Slayers will need some more abilities to counteract Acnologia’s attack in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 542.

Mavis And Zeref Return Speculations

Some fans have started speculating on the social media that Zeref and Mavis may return and will help the Slayers bring down Acnologia. Although Natsu will be there on the side of Dragon Slayers, his powers may not be enough to bring down the Dragon King.

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“Fairy Tail” Chapter 542 will be out in Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine in the next week’s issue.