“Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 spoilers indicate that the Black Dragon Acnologia will return and Natsu will have to come back to destroy him. Otherwise, there is a strong possibility of Magnolia’s destruction. Check out more details and spoilers!

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 speculations point out that Natsu will be returning to the manga series along with another powerful dragon Acnologia in the upcoming episodes, reports Korea Portal.  The previous chapter showed Lucy rewriting the Book of E.N.D so that she could resurrect Natsu.

After the disintegration of the book, Zeref died and everyone thought that Natsu too will disappear. But he made a surprise appearance making everyone happy. But later while everyone was happy conversing he suddenly vanished.

Natsu’s Resurrection Predicted In ‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 539

The source says that there is a strong possibility that Natsu could be resurrected as he is the main protagonist. Natsu was resurrected by his brother Zeref when he died 400 years ago. Now that more trouble is expected, fans are hoping that Natsu will surely return in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 539.

Fairy Tail Chapter 539

In the last chapter, Wendy noticed that the cracks have started appearing in the sky exactly where the evil dragon Acnologia disappeared. It is an indication that he may have escaped the Ravines of Time and possibly return to destruct the world.

If at all Acnologia has escaped the prison a final intense battle is expected and who other than Natsu can save the destruction of Magnolia?

Will Ichiya And Anna Heartfilia’s Sacrifice Go In Vain?

According to Blasting News, the sacrifice of Ichiya and Anna Heartfilia will go in vain as there is a strong possibility that Acnologia will rip across the #Time Portal. Everyone including Erza and mages of Ishqar are stunned when they see the Black Dragon reappearing in the sky.

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It seems that the ancient Dragon Slayer has taken all the magic inside his time pocket due to which he managed to escape and will now return as a more powerful Dragon King in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 539.