“Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 spoilers indicate that with the disappearance of Zeref, Natsu too will be gone. Also, the possibility of the author of the series, Hiro Mashima resurrecting Fire Dragon Slayer is predicted. Check out more details and release date update!

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 will be full of actions and adventures as the manga series now comes near to the end, reports The Christian Post. The upcoming chapter titled, “World Collapse” indicates that something that will threaten the very existence of the whole globe will happen soon.

‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 538 Recap         

The previous chapter finally revealed the association between Book of END and Zeref. In the earlier episodes of the series, Lucy rewrote the Fairy Tail guild members’ memories in order to stop the transformation of Natsu into a demon.

Fairy Tail Chapter 539

Everyone including Lucy and Gray was worried when the former rewrote the resurrection of Natsu. Earlier Gray had concluded that the Book of End will disintegrate which also indicated that Zeref will die. And viewers saw that it happened as Gray had thought.

But what worried Lucy and Happy more that disintegration of Book of END also indicated the death of Natsu because Black Wizard had brought him back, reports Inquisitr. But just as the duo was thinking about Natsu’s possible death, he appears looking unaffected in any way.

However, immediately after the joyous reunion, Natsu disappears suddenly as the group is discussing their plans related to going back to the Guild Hall.

Natsu To Die In ‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 539?

According to the source, it seems that Natsu is indeed connected to the Book of END and the disintegration of the book has led to Natsu’s disappearance. Also, another challenge is expected to hit the team in the “Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 as Wendy notices that some cracks are appearing in the sky.

Fans are speculating that it can indicate that a powerful enemy which can be possibly Black Dragon may reappear after escaping the Ravines of Time. “Fairy Tail” Chapter 539 will release in Japan on June 14.

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