“Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 spoilers indicate that Lucy will be gravely affected after she manages to bring back Natsu. The question is will she recover from her trance-like state or it will be the last of her that fans are going to witness in the upcoming episode? Also now that Natsu is back, there is a big probability of a face-off between him and Zeref.

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 will restart from the cliffhanger that showed Lucy trying to bring back Natsu with her photographic memory. According to Christian Today, in the previous episode, Lucy recalled the words that were missing on the E.N.D of the Book and resurrected Natsu.

Lucy Goes Into Trance-Like State

In the upcoming “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 episode titled, “The Strongest Power,” the whole focus will be on the condition of Lucy who is now facing negative effects of resurrecting Natsu. The source says that she will end in a trance-like state. Gray and Happy will come to know about her condition and they will start worrying about her.

Fairy Tail Chapter 535

Meanwhile, Blasting News has reported that Lucy may become an evil as her skin is showing signs of veins growing on it. The source says that it indicates that she might transform into an evil. And if such a thing happens the battle against the dark forces will intensify further in “Fairy Tail.”

Fans are already speculating that with the return of Natsu, there will be another fight between the two brothers. Natsu will surely confront Zeref yet again who already killed him in the previous chapter. Now, the most important in this fight will be the timing of casting the powerful spell of Neo Eclipse.

Fairy Tail Chapter 535

It will be interesting to see how Natsu manages to prevent Zeref from casting this spell in the upcoming “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535.

Anna Notice Shutting of Ravines of Time

Anna will notice that Zeref has shut the Ravines of Time purposely as she cannot open it even by using her Celestial Magic. It indicates that Pegasus team will not be able to catch the Black Dragon. Also, Jellal will find out a way of facing the Black Dragon and despite a warning from Anna will be ready to sacrifice himself for trapping Black Dragon in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535.

Fairy Tail Chapter 535 Release Date

Fairy Tail Chapter 535 will air on May 17, 2017, in Japan. We will cover a separate article on the release day if you are not aware where and how to watch it online for free. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.

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