“Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 spoilers suggest that Natsu will continue to live in the manga series after Lucy rewrites the story and brings him back. But she will now have to pay a devastating price for doing it. Reports indicate that another round of fast-paced action will be unveiled in the upcoming chapter. Check out in detail!

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 Unleash More Twists And Turns

The previous chapter of the series hinted that more twists and turns will be introduced in the upcoming episode titled, “The Strongest Power.” In the previous “Fairy Tail” Chapter 534 Zeref gains supreme power but due to the Fairy Heart, Anna cannot open the space between time and all her efforts go in vain, reports The Christian Post.

Fairy Tail Chapter 835

At the same time, Lucy starts patching up the E.N.D part of the Book which she successfully does to resurrect Natsu in the end. But Lucy will now have to face consequences in the upcoming “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535.  Although Lucy is under threat due to her act of resurrecting Natsu, it is not clear as to what exactly she will have to face.

The promo of the “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 shows that Lucy is in a trance-like state shivering and sweating constantly. Although fans are happy that Natsu is in comfort now, there is a strong possibility of some sort of loss now that Zeref is defeated.

Fairy Tail Chapter 835

Black Wizard Makes Shocking Comeback

According to Inquisitr, the miraculous recovery of Natsu is only because of his link to the Book of E.N.D. which is the same book once Zeref used almost four centuries ago.  He resurrected his brother in the form of a demon using this book.

Now that Natsu has been resurrected, it is time for Black Wizard to make a shocking déjà vu sort of return in “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535. Will this create a problem for Natsu? It will all get clear only when the “Fairy Tail” Chapter 535 airs on television on May 10.

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