Fairy Tail chapter 529 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. The previous chapter was a rather interesting one as fans got to see the return of Anna Heartfilia. For those who don’t know, Anna was Wendy’s mentor 400 years ago, and she has been helping her throughout these years by becoming her spirit force. And now, it is said that she is going to help the Dragon Slayers in defeating Acnologia once and for all.

So without any further due, here is what is expected to happen in Fairy Tail chapter 530.

Fairy Tail Chapter 530 Spoilers 

In the previous chapter of Fairy Tail, Anna Heartfilia discovered a way to defeat Acnologia once and for all. She found out about a huge force which can help in defeating Acnologia, and that force is the Time Lapse. According to her, she can lock up the self-proclaimed Dragon King for good by using the Time Lapse. However, the use of Time Lapse can affect the Dragon Slayers in a bad way, and their years of training would be in vain.

Fairy Tail Chapter 530

Anna To Use The Time Lapse Against Acnologia In Fairy Tail Chapter 530

Also, in the previous chapter, Anna revealed the reason behind  Wendy and her team of Wizards being sent to the future. According to her, they discovered that in the current time, their magic will be strongest. However, their magic still isn’t strong enough to take Acnologia down, so they will now go with using the Time Lapse against the Black Dragon. But one thing to keep in mind here is that the Time Lapse is just an option against Acnologia. Anna and the Dragon Slayers might also use some other technique to defeat Acnologia in their current battle. Whatever the case is, fans will definitely see the Time Lapse in action in the next chapter.

Mavis Finds A Way To Defeat Zeref 

Along with this, the next chapter is also said to shed some light on the ongoing battle between Natsu and Zeref. Rumor is that Zeref will go all out against Natsu, meaning that he is going to put the Dragon Slayer in a difficult situation. However, Mavis is said to find a way to defeat Zeref soon. She is expected to use one of his books against him.

Fairy Tail Chapter 530 Release Date 

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Fairy Tail chapter 530 will be released on April 12, 2017. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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