Fairy Tail chapter 515 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. The previous chapter focused on the past of Eileen, like who or what she was before all this. Her past definitely made a lot of fans cry, but it now seems that Erza will make everything right again.

Here is a short recap of Fairy Tail chapter 515 and spoilers of chapter 516.

Fairy Tail Chapter 515 Recap

In Fairy Tail chapter 515, the past of Erza’s mother, Eileen was revealed. Eileen first told Erza that her father was a general from a country right next to her’s. She further stated that both of them used to fight in the battlefield together and shortly after Belserion died, he married her. However, after when Eileen’s appearance changed because of the Dragon Power inside her, everyone, including the general, turned against her. All of them thought that she would turn out to be just like Acnologia. Because of this, they locked Eileen up and tortured her day and night.

Eileen Becomes A Dragon

After a few months, a day came when the general visited Eileen and told her that she will be executed in a week. However, as Eileen was pregnant, she begged the general to wait until her child is born. The general, however, didn’t believe that she was pregnant, so he tried to cut open her belly. This made Eileen furious and she then transformed herself into a Dragon.

Eileen Meets Zeref

Eileen then went wild. She destroyed almost everything in her path. After destroying everything, she fled from that place. After a hundred years passed and Erza was still inside her belly, Eileen met Zeref. Eileen’s heart melted after Zeref recognized her as a human, and he then changed her back to her human form. However, he only managed to change her appearance, so from the inside, she was still a dragon. Because of this, she tried to make herself human again through various magic tricks. She later performed various enhancements on the child she had in her belly, but failed. Thinking that Erza is just useless, she abandoned her.

Fairy Tail Chapter 516

After getting to know who her father was and what Eileen did to her, Erza simply thanked her for abandoning her. Because of what Eileen did, she was able to meet a group of people, who she considers her real family. The chapter then ended with Erza getting ready to fight Eileen once again.

Erza To Help Eileen In Fairy Tail Chapter 516

Now, in Fairy Tail chapter 516, rumor is that Erza will be the very person who will help Eileen transform into her human form again. Through this, she will mange to defeat Eileen, one of the most important Spriggans.

Fairy Tail Chapter 516 Release Date

Fairy Tail chapter 516 will be released some time in this week. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.