Fairy Tail chapter 511 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive. The previous chapter was a surprising one as we got to see what Rahkeid’s power can do. Currently, Sting is trying his best to take Rahkeid down, but it seems that he is no match for him.

Here is a short recap of Fairy Tail chapter 511 and spoilers of chapter 512.

Fairy Tail Chapter 511 Recap 

In Fairy Tail chapter 511, while fighting Rahkeid, Sting found out that Rahkeid is Zeref’s son and Natsu is Zeref’s brother. Sting however, claimed that Rahkeid reminds him more of Natsu rather than Zeref. Now because of what Sting said, Rahkeid might also be a creation of Zeref, just like Natsu. The latter than attacked Rahkeid using his Holy Magic, but he easily dodged it and attacked him with a magic wave that can make everyone hungry.

Afterwards, Sting and the others present there started eating each other because of hunger. Sting soon came back into his senses and knocked everyone out before they could hurt each other. Sting was unable to feel his body after getting affected by Rahkeid’s magic, but he still charged towards Rahkeid to attack him. However, he was unable to deliver an attack and then got stabbed by Rahkeid.

Fairy Tail Chapter 512

After Rahkeid stabbed Sting using his cross, Rogue appeared on the scene. He quickly ran towards Sting and then transferred his magic power into him. Sting was then seen all fired up and was ready to fight Rahkeid once again. The chapter ended with Rahkeid preparing one of his most powerful spells, R.I.P. During their fight, Rahkeid’s power was also revealed. Fans were able to see that Rahkeid can control human desires, including the desire to have sex, to have pleasure, to eat, to kill and so on.

Rahkeid To Defeat Acnologia 

Now in Fairy Tail chapter 512, rumor is that Sting will lose against Rahkeid and someone else will then confront him. In chapter 494, Zeref stated that Rahkeid is capable of defeating Acnologia, so he might be the one who will put an end to Acnologia’s evil plans.

Along with this, other rumors claim that Mavis will be one who will face Rahkeid. She will either put an end to his life or will make him join their side by using her love. If Rahkeid decides to join her, then he will most probably help Natsu and the others in their war against Zeref.

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 Release Date

Fairy Tail chapter 512 will be released sometime in this week. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.


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