Fairy Tail chapter 507 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next chapter of this critically acclaimed manga series to arrive. The last few chapters have been really exciting as they have showcased some of the most important stuff. Erza has managed to save Natsu and Gray from the dark side and everything is back to normal again. However, another big twist has taken place as Eileen told Erza that they are same.

So without any further due, here is a short recap of Fairy Tail chapter 507 and spoilers of chapter 508. Keep in mind that the following recap contains major spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

Fairy Tail Chapter 507 Recap

In Fairy Tail chapter 507, after stopping Natsu and Gray from attacking each other, Erza manages to bring them back to their senses. She hugs them and tells them how much she loves them, and what bond the three of them share. She further tells them what it means to be a member of Fairy Tail.

This melts the hearts of Natsu and Gray and the dark shadow on their faces suddenly disappears. This calms Erza down and she is then seen shedding tears. Afterwards, Juvia, Lucy, Happy, Charle and Wendy appear on the scene. Gray faints after seeing that Juvia is screaming his name, while Natsu faints because he’s exhausted. However, both of them were relieved after seeing that their comrades were safe.

Fairy Tail Chapter 508

Lucy then tells Erza that they should take Natsu and Gray to the Porlyusica, so they can be examined there. Just when the group is about to take off, Eileen appears out of nowhere and blasts them away. When the smoke clears up, Lucy and Erza get shocked to see her. Both of them are currently in no position to fight and Natsu and Gray are also passed out. So they get worried upon seeing her.

Eileen then comes forward and confronts Erza. Erza asks her who she is and what she wants. Wendy then states that they both look the same, which makes Eileen laugh. Eileen then shocks everyone by telling Erza that they are the same. The episode ends with Erza left speechless.

Fairy Tail Chapter 508 To Reveal The Relation Between Erza And Eileen

Now, in Fairy Tail chapter 508, the relation between Eileen and Erza will be finally revealed. Currently, rumors are that Erza and Eileen are actually mother and daughter, while some rumors claim that they are twin sisters.

Fairy Tail Chapter 508

Eileen Is Future Erza?

However, another theory has now surfaced claiming that Eileen is actually future Erza. The theory is that at some point in the future, Natsu fully activated E.N.D. This made Erza unhappy and she then decided to join Zeref. So this way, Eileen is actually future Erza. However, this is only a theory and we will get to know whether this is true or not in the next chapter. Currently, both of them being sisters is the one which makes more sense. Eileen might hold a grudge against Erza because her parents used to love her more. We have seen some stories like this in the past, so there’s a big chance that this is the case.

Fairy Tail Chapter 508 Release Date

Fairy Tail chapter 508 will be released some time in this week. The chapter will finally reveal one of the biggest secrets of Fairy Tail, which is the relation between Erza and Eileen. Are they mother and daughter, sisters or is Eileen the future Erza? All will be revealed in the next chapter of Fairy Tail.

Let us know what you think about the relation between Eileen and Erza in the comments below.


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