It has been a really long time since Facebook APK for Android received its last major update. We can’t even remember what major feature was added last to the app, and this is seriously not making Facebook app users happy. A new Facebook APK update has been released by Facebook today for Android smartphones and tablets, and this update bumps up the app to version (build 27002439).

facebook android app apk download

To be very clear, this new update is just a new version/build number and nothing else. You won’t be getting any changes or any new features with this update. The developers have mentioned that this update brings “speed and reliability improvements”, but that is something we have been hearing for more than 10 last updates now.

Moreover, this new update is an alpha update, which means it hasn’t even reached the beta phase. You won’t find this update on the Play Store, and it is meant for people who like to try out app versions before they are released to the public. Such alpha updates bring improvements bug can be buggy, which might cause issues like constant restarting, overheating of device, etc.

We really appreciate the hard work Facebook developers put into the Facebook app, but they should introduce some new features soon or else the users will get bored simply. Meanwhile, you can download Facebook APK v73. from, it’s the latest update and works on all devices running on Android 4.0.3 and above.


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