As you already know, your Facebook Inbox shows your chat threads received from your friends or those messages that you have accepted. It happens many times when you receive messages from people not present in your friend list, and a lot of them will be complete strangers to you.

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If you don’t know yet, Facebook has got a feature called “message request” that asks you whether you want to accept a message from a person who is not on your friends list. Facebook asks you this only if it thinks that person might be known to you, otherwise rest of the totally irrelevant messages get recognized as spam. But what if one of those spam messages was actually not spam and a message from someone important?

How to Check Facebook Hidden Messages

Well, you can actually check out those “secret messages” that Facebook mistook as spam. You can go to the Facebook Messenger app and find the spam messages. Inside the Messenger app, go to Settings (if on iPhone) or go to People > Message Requests > See Filtered Requests. Now all those spam messages will be shown to you that were probably important but you missed them in the secret inbox.

This “Other Inbox” in Facebook will sometimes show you creepy messages, like a stalking ex or a secret admirer. You never actually know what kind of messages you are going to find in there, but you can just know how many people are interested in talking to you and if you know them.


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