More than a week ago, the developers at Facebook silently updated the Facebook Messenger app and added a secret basketball minigame inside to celebrate the March Madness tournament. The mini game is available to all the users who have installed the latest Facebook Messenger APK. The secret game starts when you send the basketball emoji to a friend and he/she presses the ball. Both of you will then see a white screen on the display, and there will be a hoop and a basketball.

facebook messenger basketball game

The basketball in the game is placed at different locations on the screen, and you will have to swipe up from various angles to toss the ball into the hoop. If you perform ten successful baskets in a row, you will notice the backboard moving on its on. That’s all about it. It’s just a simple mini-game and can be played with anyone who has installed the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

As of now, the Facebook Messenger APK v65. beta is the latest version. The APK download file weighs 32.23 MB and comes with performance improvements for speed and stability.


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