Facebook has launched a lighter, stripped down version of its popular Messenger app. The new app has been launched for emerging markets to address slower data speeds. The new Facebook Messenger Lite is available in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Facebook says that the new app will be released in other countries in the coming months.

Facebook Messenger Lite

The new Facebook Messenger Lite is designed to work in areas with slower internet connections. It uses less data to save internet costs and compensate for slow speed. With the new app, you will not be able to make video or voice calls or make payments. However, Android users will still be able to use the core features of Messenger. You will be able to send text messages, photos, and links.

“We want to make sure Messenger products are truly for everyone,” David Marcus, head of Messenger, said in an interview.

Facebook has expanded far and wide in the Western markets, including North America and Europe. Now, the company is trying to capture the developing countries. It had already rolled out a light version of its Facebook app. These apps offer most of the necessary features for users with limited internet access.

The company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said the company’s mission is to get everyone in the world connected to the internet. Facebook is already offering a pared-down version of the internet in more than three dozen countries, called Free Basics. The company has courted several controversies related to market policies. The company also plans to launch multiple new projects to bring the internet to far corners of the world.

The new Messenger Lite will help a lot of people to connect easily. As the original app has become quite heavy over time as it keeps adding more features. The lighter version will be great for people on the go as data speeds vary at different places.