Facebook Messenger (APK Download) v78. for Android Released

When Facebook Messenger was initially launched, people didn’t even both to try it out. However, the app is one of the best messaging apps now and is used by millions of people. The Facebook Messenger APK allows you to chat with your friends and family, and you can also make video and voice calls. You can send images, videos, stickers, etc.

Facebook Messenger app for Android is completely free to download and keeps receiving new updates. Recently, no new features have been added to the app, but bug fixes and stability improvements are constantly provided in the updates to make the Messenger smoother. One such update has been released today.

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger APK download file has been released today with build number 33096109. The latest Facebook Messenger download file for Android weighs a good 72.33 MB and can be installed on all smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0.3 or later. This is a beta release, so you may experience bugs.

To download the latest version of Facebook Messenger, you can go to the beta program in the Play Store. You can also download Facebook Messenger APK latest version from APKPolice.com and then install it manually on your Android device.

  • Jonathan Stark

    Omg this article is terrible. Headline even has a misspelling.

    • Paul

      hah i saw this from a Pokemon Go article even as I pointed out something similar. I don’t think these guys have a competent editor, if one at all (I suspect they do their own editing, which is a terrible idea). english is clearly not their first language, and there’s a major lack of context in multiple places.