The developers of the Facebook Messenger app keep releasing new updates for the Messenger almost every day, though most of those releases are very minor ones and hardly bring any changes. Such updates are meant for making the app faster and more stable. One of those updates has been released today and comes with version number (build 24251654). This Facebook Messenger APK weighs 25.46 MB and runs on all Android 5.0+ devices.

facebook messenger apk

As we mentioned earlier, this latest Facebook Messenger APK is one of the minor updates for the app and does not bring any new features to it. There might be just bug fixes and stability/speed improvements in it. Another point to note is that the new Facebook Messenger APK v61. APK is a beta release, which means that it might not be stable and might contain some bug fixes that may cause your device to misbehave.

Beta release are known to slow down the device and cause crashes and battery drainage problems. However, considering the fact that Facebook Messenger is already very stable, you can safely download the new beta and you might even experience an increase in speed and overall performance of the app. You can download Facebook Messenger APK from


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