Facebook Messenger is used by millions of people on their Android devices to stay in touch with their close ones. It offers free messaging, video calling, voice calling, and more. You can send files and images and videos and more. It offers a lot of features that a modern smartphone messenger should come with.

facebook messenger

For those who use the Facebook Messenger APK for Android smartphones and tablets, a new update has just been released for the app. This new update bumps up the version number to with the build number being 22409784. The Facebook Messenger APK file is 26.52 MB larger and will be compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop and above devices.

If your device is compatible with this new update, you can download it for free instantly. However, do remember that the Facebook Messenger APK file release is a beta update, which is why you won’t be able to find it on Play Store. It is also possible that this new beta might come with some new bugs that might cause your device to hang, crash, or reboot continuously. So install this beta APK file on your device only if you know the side-effects of using a beta version of an app.

You can download Facebook Messenger APK free from apkmirror.com.


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