Facebook Live Video, launched some time back, was not available to all Indians until today. Initially, the feature was available to Facebook Pages, individual users in select countries such as the USA and the UK. Now, the feature is available to all Facebook users in India.

Facebook Live, available on both iOS and Android apps, allows users to update live videos. On iOS, tap on “What’s on your mind” and you will see the option Live Video at the bottom of the list. On Android, the choice appears immediately below the status box.

facebook live video for india

Live Video is a valuable sharing tool. Since Facebook launched the feature last year, it has only improved. Initially, it was limited to a few select users, who were mainly celebrities. Facebook has expanded the coverage all Facebook Pages and individual users in some countries. Also, in June Facebook introduced Snapchat-like video filters in the Live Video feature. Later, in June, the broadcast time increased from 2 hours to 4 hours.

Other features brought in this year include the ability to hide comments during a broadcast and capacity to broadcast in full-screen mode. However, on Android, the full-screen mode is only available in portrait while on iOS, it is available in both landscape and portrait.

So, if you are in India, test this feature and surprise your friends.


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